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  1. (Tickets) Copper Bundle $30.00 3000 5 Star Scout Ticket (Tickets) Bronze Bundle $50.00 30000 5 Star Scout Ticket (Tickets) Silver Bundle $100.00 100000 5 Star Scout Ticket Update Bundle $75.00 (Changes every Update|Maintenance) 5/5 Nate & Braviary 5/5 Blanca & Musharna 5/5 Lisia & Altaria 100000 Co-Op Sync Orb 1000 5* Power-Up Ticket 1000 Champion Spirit
  2. sup, Introducing new Bundles soon, i.e. Top 5 Sync Pair including their Orbs or Legendary Bundle including Pair and all Items to max etc. it will speed up the process and be cheaper in comparison to custom orders.
  3. sup, @everyone I have a Bot made for TAC, but it isn’t web based like FFBE, how many would be interested? Let me know, by p.m.
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