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1 No Proxy needed.
2 Missions – Used to do Story, Events, Trials, Nemeses etc. with it's respective NRG cost.
It has all in-game Content available.
The 2nd number in () is how much energy is used. If there’s (0), it’ll use 0 NRG. If there’s nothing () it means the mission is no longer available [i.e. Airship-Deck (1110100) (0)]
Farm Trust Master Rewards within a day|two by running 0 NRG Missions|Quests, it usually takes 9999 runs to go from 0 to 100% no Lapis required.
Beat any Mission, Trial, Event, Nemeses, Chambers etc.
Clear Everything, complete full Story, Trials, Nemese etc. in one go
3 Challenges - Complete Challenges on any available Mission (i.e. Get a chain of 4 or more in 1 turn, Get a elemental chain of 4 or more in 1 turn, etc.)
4 Trophies - Complete all Trophies under the Quest Tab
5 Item World(Steel Castle Melfikya) - Bot your Enhancing Equipment the way you want it.
6 Arena – Play Arena without ever losing, Please do not abuse.
7 Raid|Events – Filtered Tab to current Raid and Events.
8 Level Party – Bot a 0 NRG Mission and gain 70’000 EXP per run, script will run until all 5 Teams are at max level.
9 King Mog - Exchange your Mog Currency even after it expired.
10 Rank Up – Bot a 0 NRG Mission and farm up to 300 Rank-EXP per run, script will run until your desired Rank Level is reached.
11 Item Grind – Grind Megacryst, Megacite, and Gils.
Megacryst – Grinds Fire Shrine Exploration and uses 11 NRG.
Megacite – Grinds Phantom Forest Exploration and uses 8 NRG.
Gils – Grinds Farplane 5 for 2000 Gil per run, doesn’t use NRG.
Altogether - Grinds Eternal Summit Exploration and uses 25 NRG.
12 Colosseum – Play Colosseum without ever losing.
13 Tasks – Check or Stop your running Tasks.
14 Logs – Keep track of your current Trust Master Reward progress, Loot etc.
15 Summon|Unit Hunter – Summon by using your Lapis, Friend Points, Raid Coins or Tickets.
16 Sell Units – Used to sell Snappers, 1,2,3 or 4 Star Units etc.
17 Sell Items – Used to sell undesired Misc. Items, Mats, Rat Tails etc.
18 Account Management – Import FB Token for Global and ID/Password for JP, also displays basic information of all accounts such as Orbs, NRG, Gil, Rank, Etc.
19 User Info - Check all of your Account info in Detail.
20 Edit Party - Set up your Party for grinding Trust-Master-Rewards, Events, Arena etc.
21 Auto Raid|Auto Arena - Turn on automatic Raid and|or Arena to do while you’re grinding Trust-Master-Rewards.
22  JP Injection - Allows you to inject all available Equip and Abilities on FFBE JP.
23  Facebook Token – Used to extract the FB Token necessary for importing Global Accounts into the Bot.
24 Re Roll - Create Dummy Accounts.
25 Change Region – Switch between GL and JP.
26 Feedback – Submit a Bug, Suggestion, Praise etc.

By doing Rank Up, Level Party and Gil Grind it will also farm Trust Master Rewards.

Options available when botting – Use friends, Collect loot, Collect exploration loot, Collect unit loot, Open chests, Complete challenges, Complete Trophies, Get all mail, Refill energy(uses Lapis), Refill energy(Potions), Refill Raid Orbs, Max LB and change your Party.

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